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SMEs are contributing a significantly greater percentage to GDP; they are employing ever more people and delivering greater value year-on-year in most countries in Africa. We focus our services products packaging with the size of business in mind


Fundamental HR services and statutory compliance

Two- Ten Employees

  1. Organisational Structures
  2. Job Descriptions
  3. Policies and Procedures, Personnel Files
  4. Hiring and On-Boarding Processes
  5. Employee Contracting (full time, temps, contingent)
  6. Pay and Benefits Administration


Optimising performance, engagement and productivity

Ten- Fifty  Employees

  1. Identifying and Attracting High Calibre Talent
  2. Job Analysis and Grading
  3. Performance Planning and Assessment
  4. Management Training for People Leaders
  5. Mentoring and Coaching Training for Managers
  6. Training Needs Assessment through assessment and Development Centres



Sustaining high performance

Fifty – Two hundred Employees
Two hundred – on thousand Employees 

1. Ensuring a Resonating Value Proposition
2. HR Analytics/People and Productivity Matrix
3. HR Capability Training for HR managers Engagement Surveys
4. Culture Audits and Transformations
5. Organisation Effectiveness Assessments

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