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Finding employment in today’s market is demanding and challenging.  Employers are looking for employees who have the skill and tact to handle given an assignment to deliver the company goal and mission.  However, interacting with most employers we have a challenge with the skills gap between the know-how that businesses are seeking and the skills employable youth learn in college.  It means these youths often need a prep course before entering the working world, and that’s why Aurum Consultants Ltd through its program “The Recruit” offers 12 week-long business training programs to unemployed youth and graduates who are looking at getting a piece of the pie in the corporate/employment sector.    Our trainings are geared towards helping the unemployed youth balance their expectations as well as increase their chances of getting meaningful employment or sources of income.

Most unemployed youths lack an understanding of how to apply their skills to real-world work situations.  Most of these youth who are millennial and Generation Z can be portrayed as overly confident, but in reality, they need a lot of reassurance.  Throughout their academic studies, they are instructed how to do things step-by-step and emerge into the workplace with little confidence in their own judgment.

Most of these young unemployed youths are the most educated generation of our time, with technology and better learning tools than most of the older generations.  However, they need to have a more effective combination of hard and soft skills before entering the workplace.  They need the understanding of how to apply those skills, which include communication, interpersonal skills and project management amongst other skills.  In order to accomplish this, real-world work environment simulations need to become more deeply ingrained in academic curriculums to allow learning of both theory and practical application to a real work environment.

Most employers prefer employing staff with skills and probably experience, most of which these young people don’t have, and this leaves them out without many options.  Most employers are also not willing to open their doors for these young people to do internships as it is costly to train them.  On the other hand, most of these young talents have an attitude of entitlement and are not willing to offer their services in return for a learning environment and experience.  This in return becomes a great disadvantage to these young unemployed people.

It is with these views in mind that “The Recruit Programme” hopes to create a learning environment for young unemployed youth who would not have a chance with companies for gaining practical work skills that would give them an advantage in securing employment.

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