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Covid-19 caught most of us in business un-prepared.  For most of us it was a far fetched thought that this challenge would be a local one, then it came-creating shock waves and fear within the business community. Most organizations in Kenya were ill-prepared for such a disruption.  There was an urgent need for a shift plan- from the norm to the new normal.  Most organizations are still grappling in the dark with this disruption, with many closing shops in the wake of government restriction on movement.

With most businesses affected by this Pandemic, the big question is- would this have been the case if perhaps businesses were more prepared? The negative effects of this pandemic are slowly starting to be felt.  The government has put in place some measures to support businesses and employees to cope but is this enough to cushion operations that are crumbling right in our eyes?

While this might not be the last disruption we see in times to come, then how can businesses start re-thinking their strategy and how they would do business as well as engage employees?

Businesses will need to re-think

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