Staff Extension Support

Staff Extension Support

We attach Our support team to every client with solutions to suit every client special needs.
Tailor made HR Solutions

Tailor made HR Solutions

We have solutions for everyone client. Our team of experts are well equipped to handle any workforce.
Afordable HR Solutions

Afordable HR Solutions

We give options within our services catalogue at very friendly rates, quality is guaranteed.
Trained employees integrate well with e-business trends and environments.Their efficiency enhanced for great productivity.Aurum Consultants

Our consultants believe in the value that you manage your regulatory compliance, policies, and procedures. We have specialist in all arears for employee performance,compatible to internal HR functions.

Why considering Aurum consultants is a great business decision

Aurum HR consulting Strategic Services

Staff Training

Strategic Partners

We have brought together valuable strategic partners who add great value to all our products which guarantees great value additon to all businesses.

Corporate Traning Programs

Our Corporate training have seen small enterprises transform their workforce to great workers for great returns and value for money. .

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Aurum Consultants
Extended HR service's

We offer to include employment services such as automated payrolls and our priorities have always remained the same: Maximum benefits through proffessional, HR management, and assistance to all employers.

HR Consulting

A Professional service provided to firms in various aspects of human resources management.

Staff Training

Enhances the skills and knowledge of employees who work in all the businesses

Payroll Processing

Outsourcing payroll processing can free up loads of time for business owners and managers.

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Our specialists, and experts at your disposal

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    Our Approacch To HR Resources

    We have our special functions that add value to a business. Guided by special principles We feel that these special functions are and integral part of any functional HR department.

    Compensation Consulting

    Compensation HR Consulting are activites that compensate all HR department shortfalls.

    Leadership Training

    Enterpise Leadership outside HR need Training to help them understand the HR processes

    Corporate Programs

    Corporated HR Programs are designed to benefit companies with a large workforce over 500 employees

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    Aurum Consultants.

    We have introduced the value that our functions. We feel that this specialist part of Human Resources are contribution in digital marketing

    Brands That Trust Aurum Consultants HR Services

    Many well known institutions and Brands trust our HR services among those are

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